Hint stands for Health Informatics & Nutrition Therapy. It is an advanced health-tech application developed to make evidence-based nutrition care accessible.

Our algorithms and diet plans are designed to reduce the risk of developing complications and mitigate the effect of pre-existing chronic conditions.

They are not meant to replace the treatment of disease but rather complement the normal use of drug therapies prescribed by physicians.

We recommend informing your physicians about the changes made to your diet and physical activity regularly.

All of our diet plans are evidence-based balanced diet charts available through the Hint app.

Listed below are the citations of the key scientific evidence used in developing the Hint app and preparing the diet plans.

You can click on the links below to learn more.

Scientific Evidence on Calorie, Macronutrient, Micronutrient, Water and Workout Tracking

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Nutrient Requirements For Indians RDA and EAR, A Report Of The Expert Group, 2020

Indian Food Composition Tables

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Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans

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Scientific Evidence on Diet Plans

Type 2 Diabetes

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Weight Loss

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Obesity and Overweight

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The Data Behind Popular Diets for Weight Loss Hypertension DASH Diet To Stop Hypertension

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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

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Immunity Booster

Vitamin C and Immune Function

Probiotics and Immune Health

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High Protein

Dietary Protein and Muscle Mass: Translating Science to Application and Health Benefit.

Dietary Protein Intake and Human Health