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Hypothyroidism Management - Client Story

February 18, 2022
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Hypothyroidism Management - Client Story

Priyanka a 40-year-old working female was suffering from symptoms such as joint pains, cold intolerance, fatigue, knee pain, weight gain, and constipation. Her weight was 80 kgs, maximum during her lifetime and she was finding it difficult to lose it. Upon consulting a doctor and explaining the symptoms, she was advised for thyroid profile tests and subsequently diagnosed with hypothyroidism. The doctor prescribed her thyroid supplements and medication. On learning about the condition, she was saddened and was clueless. But she wanted to manage her TSH levels and get to the bottom of the condition. Upon her doctor's advice to follow a healthy and active lifestyle she contacted us.

How to manage an underactive thyroid?

Managing hypothyroidism was not easy for Priyanka but she did it with few changes in the diet and being active. Upon assessment, it was found that the client was having chronic fatigue, hair fall, joint pain, and weight gain. The user was gaining weight for the past one year, given for the height of 165 cms her weight was 79 kgs and upon calculation, her body mass index was 29 making her fall in the overweight category. Her TSH levels were 2.68 uIU/mL as she was continuing thyronorm 25mcg every day. Upon doctor’s advice, her anti-TPO antibodies were found to be 5.43 IU/mL which were normal. Her vitamin D levels were 19.1 which were deficient and was advised to take vitamin D injections once a month for a period of three months. She was infected with Covid-19, 3 months prior joining to our clinical nutrition program. On further assessment, we concluded that she was an ovo-vegetarian, was allergic to paneer. She did not consult any nutritionist for her weight loss and was referred by her doctor to follow the HINT program.

Before starting the program:

A detailed assessment was done for the client to understand her lifestyle, personal history, medical history, and dietary habits in detail. During the session, a thorough analysis was done to understand the client's readiness to follow the program. After the assessment, the HINT program was explained in detail and also the client was set at a right expectation of 2 kgs weight loss per month. A health plan was set for the client which helped in tracking the milestone- weight loss every week, TSH levels -once in 3 months.

During the program:

With a database of 2000+ recipes with different food ingredients and combinations, her diet was planned thoroughly keeping in mind her daily schedule. Foods that were regularly taken by the client were introduced in her meal plan but with slight modifications and more variety. Her daily calorie target was calculated by considering her weight, height, age, gender, and physical activity level. Initially, a simple diet was planned so that the client would get accustomed to it based on the client's calorie requirements, goals, and physical activity level. Later on, foods that interfere with the functioning of thyroid hormones such as gluten-containing and goitrogenic foods were excluded from her plan with the help of the HINT database of recipes. Gluten is a protein found in products such as wheat, oats, barley, bread, and all processed foods it can interact with thyroid antigens cause the thyroid gland to produce less thyroid hormone. Similarly, goitrogenic foods such as cabbage, cauliflower, turnips, soy products were eliminated from the diet plan. Every week the client's progress was monitored through follow-ups and her diet plan was changed by including foods that are low in carbohydrates, high in fiber, selenium, vitamin D, and calcium. In the diet plan, we introduced food from all the food groups so that it is well balanced and simultaneously could help in reducing the symptoms such as fatigue, hair fall, joint pains. The micronutrient goals were analyzed regularly to check if the client is able to meet her recommended daily allowances (RDA) and if there is any need to cover up any possible deficiencies. The client was advised to be physically active and her activity was monitored regularly through the HINT app which helped her in tracking her activity goals.


After 4 months of diligently following the plan, the client was able to reach a weight of 72 kgs and her BMI came down to 26.7kg/m2. The client was feeling very light, active and experienced no hair fall. She was able to adapt to the changes advised in her plan and make sustainable changes in her routine. On the advice of her doctor, she has done blood tests to check her TSH levels every two months. The doctor initially kept her on a trial period for two months where the client was following a healthy diet and increased physical activity and was still able to maintain her TSH levels without any medication. After two months again she was retested for her TSH levels and it was well in the normal range. Later, as per her doctor's advice, she was off the medication completely and continued with our clinical nutrition program, and is under the remission stage of the thyroid.

If you are someone looking for advice on the management of hypothyroidism and want to kickstart your weight loss journey contact our team of expert dietitians at +91 888 666 7634 or support@clearcals.com and get a free online consultation.

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