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Weight Loss Tip-7 Eat More Fiber

December 23, 2021
2 min read
Weight Loss Tip-7 Eat More Fiber

We think of food only as a source of energy and nutrients, but food also has components that bind to specific receptors and have drug-like effects. One such component is fiber.

Dietary fiber is an integral part of a healthy well-balanced diet even though most of it is not absorbed by your body. Foods rich in fiber improve satiety as it needs more clearing than other foods. Fiber absorbs water and swells in the stomach while giving you a feeling of fullness.

One simple and effective way to lose weight is increasing fiber intake in your diet. The benefits are compounded as fiber is mostly found in healthy foods such as whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Most of the refined and processed foods do not contain much fiber.

As fiber improves satiety you can lose weight easily on a high fiber diet without working hard for a calorie deficit because some of the calories are eliminated from your system along with fiber. Some of the good bacteria in your gut also feed on fiber. This even boosts your immunity and elevates your mood.

So the next time before having your meal ensure to finish off a bowl of fresh vegetable salad or beat those hunger pangs in between the meals by chewing a whole fruit thoroughly.

As per ICMR, your daily dietary fiber intake should be between 25 to 40 grams. Tracking the fiber intake for your day is a breeze with the Hint app. Checkout the recipes section for a detailed list of healthy fiber rich food.

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