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Lifestyle Interventions For Chronic Care

January 2, 2021
2 min read
Lifestyle Interventions For Chronic Care

In the past few decades, there has been a substantial increase in the number of individuals suffering from non-communicable diseases. We often do not pay much attention to such patterns and consider it as less alarming even after someone in our family is suffering or we are diagnosed with a chronic disease. We either rely on a quick remedy like popping up a pill or some other home remedies without even understanding the root cause of the disease. Such indifferent behavior usually results in severe health complications and dire outcomes at later stages.

The rapidly increasing worldwide prevalence of chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, renal diseases, liver disorders is a consequence of modern lifestyle. It is a result of ready access to convenience and unhealthy foods, sedentary lifestyles, alcohol abuse, and the use of tobacco.

To effectively manage these conditions and also to avoid possible complications of such diseases, it is imperative to make positive lifestyle changes once an individual is diagnosed with a chronic disease. Physical inactivity and unhealthy eating habits are recognized as the two primary lifestyle factors that could be adequately modified to manage numerous chronic conditions.

An evidence-based approach to change in these two lifestyle factors is termed Medical nutrition therapy (MNT). It is widely reported to be effective in chronic disease management. In the majority of patients suffering from a single chronic condition or with other comorbidities, personalized nutrition plans and adequate physical activity implemented as part of MNT significantly improve the quality of life while preventing disease progression.

For the benefit of our readers, we have listed below the chronic diseases that could be managed effectively through MNT.

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