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January 16, 2021
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Srinivas is a 32-year-old guy who works for a technology company. He is lean, physically weak, and very lethargic. His job is demanding with the night shift. He regularly falls sick with continuous bouts of cough and cold. With no sleep, irregularity in meal timings, and lack of physical activity, his health had gone for a toss. He was recently diagnosed with hypertension and is on medication. He got his two shots of the Covid vaccine. Last week he developed a high fever with chills, joint pains, cold, and cough. Upon admission to the hospital, he was tested positive for Omicron.

Most of the infected individuals share a similar story and lifestyle. Even after two shots of vaccination, such an unhealthy lifestyle coupled with chronic conditions weakens their immune system and makes them vulnerable to infection.

We can take necessary precautions to protect ourselves and the people around us by learning more about the infection. Here is a list of common questions we have tried to answer for you.

If you are fully vaccinated, can you still get a COVID-19 infection?

Yes, it is possible to get infected even after vaccination, and this case of illness in which a vaccinated individual is infected is called breakthrough infection. To learn more, please watch this video from WHO

How is the severity of infection in people who are vaccinated?

Breakthrough infections in vaccinated individuals usually have mild symptoms and are less severe than in an unvaccinated person.

What are the signs of infection?

  • Cold
  • Cough
  • Runny nose
  • Fatigue
  • Sore throat
  • Headache
  • Muscle pain
  • Fever

What should we do to recover from mild infections?

If you are tested positive for COVID-19, you can recover by teleconsulting with a doctor and getting adequate care at home. To recover faster, you can follow this general diet plan for people with mild symptoms. And if you have any chronic condition, get a personalised plan from a qualified dietitian and take these precautions based on your specific situation.

Who is at a higher risk of breakthrough infection?

People with an underlying chronic condition or an unhealthy lifestyle are at a higher risk of such breakthrough infections. They have a weak immune system and are vulnerable to infections.

What more should we do to reduce the risk of breakthrough infection?

You can strengthen your immune system by changing your lifestyle and getting adequate nutrition. You will not see results overnight but only after improving your lifestyle over several months. Read here on boosting your immunity by including the required nutrients and foods in your diet

What is the Omicron virus?

Omicron is a heavily mutated variant with an unusual constellation of mutations and is very different from other variants (SARS-COV-2 variant and Delta) that have circulated in the past. The emergence of this new variant, Omicron, is proof that the pandemic is not yet over, and all of us have to gear up to boost our health.

If you have any specific questions, please contact our team at +91 888 666 7634 or support@clearcals.com.

Looking for a Personalized Diet Plan?

Try the Hint app

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