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How To Lose Weight?

December 23, 2021
3 min read
How To Lose Weight?

10 lifestyle changes you can measure to achieve weight loss

“How to lose weight ?” is one of the most asked questions on the Google search engine. At some point in their life, every person would have thought about it, and the majority of them have tried to find their answer.

Losing weight is like traveling from point A to point B, and it depends upon various factors; and there are multiple route maps to reach your destination. Let us dissect the problem and figure out how far we can apply the travel analogy.

The first information you would need to start your journey is learning about your starting point A. The usual approach is to weigh yourself and note down your height to analyze your obesity index, called body mass index (BMI). If you haven’t heard of BMI, you either are too young or hanging out with the wrong people. For your information, the classification of BMI into underweight, overweight, and obese has been described previously. Please check it out to see where you stand.

Another school of thought is that you need to consider your % body fat as the basis for weight loss, but it is more complicated to understand. Hence, we will park that topic for later.

Now that you know your starting weight and BMI, the next thing to learn is your target body weight or BMI. Whether you will achieve it or not, this target should be the ideal BMI between 18.5 to 22.9 recommended for a healthy and disease-free life. Here we have considered the criteria for the Asian population as most of our readers are of Indian origin.

There is a famous business management quote, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” that could be applied to your weight loss journey. You have set a measurable goal that you can track regularly and check if you are making progress to lose weight no matter what method you are following.

Let us now explore the various routes you can take to reach your destination. Usually, this is where the content gets biased and confusing. Anyone who recommends or writes about a weight loss program, process, or product argues that theirs is the fastest, easiest, or cheapest route. This article aims not to confuse you and sell our magic solution. We will suggest the top ten lifestyle changes that you can measure and achieve your target. You choose which single change or combination of changes are suitable for you. Before you start, a word of caution if you have any existing clinical condition and want to lose weight, do not do it yourself. Try to consult a qualified dietitian and get an appropriate diet plan for weight loss.

Multiple Ways to Your Weight Loss Journey

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